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At Amare, we believe that mental wellness exists on a continuum between:

  • Stress & Burnout on the low end
  • Emotional Well-Being & Physical Resilience in the middle
  • Optimal Vigor & Thriving on the high-end

Supporting balance across the gut-brain axis is the key to promoting optimal mental wellness — across the entire Mental Wellness Continuum.

The gut-brain axis (GBX) is the multi-directional communication network that determines our physical and mental wellness. The GBX connects our gastrointestinal system (gut), nervous system (brain), and immune system (axis) with a vast array of cellular and biochemical messengers throughout the entire body, including the microbiome, hormones, cytokines, and neurotransmitters.


Gut flora consists of a complex community of microorganism species that live in the digestive tract of humans. The digestive tract is the largest reservoir of microorganisms in the human body.


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Move toward a healthier, stronger you with Amare Happy Fit Pack™. Paired with daily movement and a healthy lifestyle, this pack is specifically curated to support weight management and a healthy gut microbiome in a variety of ways.